Framework Personal Training Services In London

The system is fully customisable and uses unique combinations of exercises and equipment to achieve rapid, significant results.

Shaf, the founder of Framework Personal Training started in the health and fitness industry in 2000 and has worked successfully with clients from all walks of life.

Shaf has an extensive client background working with Bupa care homes, semi-professional sports people and a vast variety of corporate clients, so he knows what will work for you. Our services for personal training in London include:

Weight-loss Training

Transform your body so that you look and feel great! We've got a wealth of experience helping clients to achieve their target weight loss goals with carefully developed training programmes combined with expert dieting advice. We also ensure that our training is tailored specifically for you, meaning we can offer one of the premier services for personal training in London.

Wedding Training

Whether you’re looking at working on the dumbbells before the wedding bells, Framework’s Personal Training system for brides and 1on1 training is specifically designed to sculpt a bride pre-wedding body so she can walk down the aisle with confidence on her big day.

Or why not put your Bridesmaids through their paces with 1on1 or group training before the big day! It’s available in a highly targeted fashion producing noticeable physical improvements.

Pre and Post Natal Personal Training

Framework Personal Training’s Peterborough services offers pre and post-natal care and restoration.

By leveraging modified aspects of the framework training system clients are able to safely stay in shape during pregnancy and regain physical conditioning post-baby. Regular physical activity improves a women’s ability to cope with labour pains as well as combat post-partum depression.

Framework system empowers women to remain strong and fit during the most significant physical transformation.